Grafalloy Shafts

About Grafalloy Golf Shafts:
Grafalloy is a leading manufacturer of state of the art carbon fiber wood and iron golf shafts. For years, Grafalloy shafts have led the industry in advanced materials, superior technology and creative engineering. This tradition began with the innovation of the Grafalloy Tour, the bench mark for ultralight tour shafts, and continues today with game changing innovations like MicroMesh Technology and Smart Ply materials. Innovation. Performance. Excellence. These attributes are found in the heart of every shaft bearing the Grafalloy name. With over 30 years of experience in premium composite shaft design and manufacture, each member of the Grafalloy team is committed to nothing less than producing the finest golf shafts in the game for the enjoyment of golfers around the world.

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Speed Coat Technology:
Grafalloy Blue and Blue 75 feature proprietary Speed Coat technology. Speed Coat technology is a roughened texture on the exterior surface of the shaft that works in conjunction with the internal mechanical specifications of the shaft to deliver maximum clubhead speed for explosive distance and power.

Micro-Mesh Technology:
Proprietary Micro-Mesh Tip Technology radically improves the torsional stability of the shaft while promoting a responsive feel at impact. This technological advancement enhances shot consistency by keeping the clubface square at impact leading to greater distance and accuracy off the teeg

Launch-Monitor-Tuned Technology:
It’s never been easier to find the perfect shaft for you. Featuring ProLaunch’s launch-tuned technology, there is a trajectory-optimized ProLaunch Speed Coat for every swing. Developed in Grafalloy's state-of-the-art testing facility, Launch-Monitor-Tuned Technology optimizes trajectory with every swing. All ProLaunch shafts have been launch-monitor-tuned to provide golfers the opportunity to select a shaft perfect for their launch conditions-red for a low, boring trajectory, platinum for a medium trajectory with mid-low spin for elevated launch angles and blue for a higher kick point.

Grafalloy Boost Shaft:
Designed to boost your distance, the new Boost shaft from Grafalloy helps any golfer crush more tees and find more fairways.
VLT Technology (Vertical Launch Tip) propels the ball at extreme peak trajectory. Lean shaft profile reduces shaft aerodynamic drag by 15% promoting a higher swing speed. Micro-Mesh tip section maintains critical tip stability even with the high torque values inherent in thin diameter designs. Low bend point promotes a high ball trajectory.

Grafalloy Blue with SpeedCoat:
The original Grafalloy Blue remains one of the most popular graphite golf shafts in the history of the game. In 2013, Grafalloy redesigned Blue using the best materials available today while still maintaining the performance benefits golfers loved about the original. The new Blue delivers maximum stability and distance for stronger swingers. The combination of an extremely tip stable design combined with Grafalloy’s proprietary Speed Coat technology delivers maximum stability and distance for stronger swinger.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue and ProLaunch Red:
The ProLaunch Blue is designed on the launch monitor to work with today's high performance woods and multi-layer golf balls. Pro Launch shafts provide the optimal launch angle as it promotes decreased ball spin and maximum ball speed. It's designed to lower the overall static weight of the golf club, creating faster swing speeds for greater distance. Micro Mesh tip design stabilizes larger clubheads. Designed for stronger swingers, ProLaunch Red delivers a boring, penetrating trajectory via a stiff-tip, highly stable design.