KBS Steel Shafts

About KBS Golf Shafts:
Created by renowned shaft designer Kim Braly and forged from Tour player feedback, the KBS Tour Series features the most advanced steel shaft technology in the industry. Since its inception in 2008, KBS has set a new standard in steel shafts with its unprecedented growth and acclaim. KBS shafts are utilized in leading club manufacturer’s irons, accepted in every manufacturer’s custom department and adopted by over 150 professionals. At KBS, we’re focused on maximizing the performance of your irons by providing the most technologically advanced steel golf shafts. Learn why we are the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry.
In the 1980’s, Kim Braly and his father formed Precision Shaft Corporation. Kim was responsible for developing and running production for proprietary steel shafts that were supplied to several of the major club head manufacturers. Through a series of buyouts in the 1990’s, Precision eventually became Royal Precision. While at Royal Precision, Kim patented Frequency Matching for graphite and created two revolutionary stepless steel shaft designs: the RIFLE ® Golf Shaft and Project X ® Golf Shaft. In 2007, FST co-founders Rob Cheng and David Chuang approached Kim about starting a premier, high-performance line of steel golf shafts. Kim Braly Signature (KBS) Tour Shafts was formed in early 2008 and has rapidly become the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry. In a relatively short time, KBS shafts have been adopted by top PGA Tour professionals and the custom department of every major manufacturer. Combining FST’s state-of-the-art manufacturing with Kim’s empirical knowledge, the KBS Tour Series offers original performance options that have been proven in independent robot testing, on the PGA Tour, and by our passionate community of fans.

KBS Manufacturing:
Precision manufacturing is essential for producing the high-performance KBS TOUR Series. KBS shaft designs incorporate several notable characteristics, such as material weight distribution, advanced taper patterns, section balance and other tolerance controls. At FST, manufacturing is specifically tailored for the KBS TOUR Series and incorporates over 25 carefully monitored steps during production.
High-Quality 1035 Carbon Steel - optimal combination of strength and softness
Atmospheric Normalizing - atmosphere controlled heat treatment for equalizing metallurgic structure
Oil Quenching - exclusive tempering process for achieving optimal hardness and ductility
CNC Machine Straightening - computer controlled straightening that measures deviation in multiple sections and applies directional force to produce a perfectly straight shaft.

KBS Shaft Technology:
Utilizing feedback from the PGA TOUR, the KBS TOUR® Series features the most advanced steel shaft technology in the industry. KBS shafts maximize energy transfer to ensure a smooth feel through impact and are proven to produce a more piercing trajectory, tighter dispersion and increased ball control.
Advanced Butt: 0.600 diameter and optimal butt length support player stability through contact. Results in improved accuracy and shot control.
High Center of Gravity: 52% balance point allows for more mass in center of clubhead without changing swing weight.
Streamlined Engery Transfer: Proportionate step pattern and wall thickness maximize energy transfer for better feel and distance.
Stable Tip Section: Promotes piercing shot trajectory and spin control.
Taper and Parallel Tip: Standard fit for all hosels allows for simple fitting and custom tuning.

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KBS C-Taper:
Inspired by Tour player feedback, the KBS C-TAPER shaft produces a lower flight and spin rate while maintaining the benefits of a piercing trajectory and smooth feel. Incorporating signature KBS technology, the C-TAPER shaft maximizes energy transfer to improve distance and ball control. Independent testing of the C-TAPER resulted in 5%lower trajectory, 5% less spin and 5% more distance.

KBS Tour V:
As with the popular KBS TOUR, the KBS TOUR-V features tight shot dispersion. For players that prefer a lighter weight shaft and less ball spin, the KBS TOUR-V is the ideal shaft option. The KBS TOUR-V is the newest addition to the KBS line and has already been proven on professional tours.

KBS Tour Steel:
The KBS TOUR is Kim Braly’s signature shaft and is ideal for players desiring shot versatility and mid trajectory. Incorporating unique KBS technology, the KBS TOUR maximizes energy transfer for increased shot control. The KBS TOUR offers a smooth, responsive feel and is the preferred model by several of the best golfers in the world.

KBS Tour 90:
As the lightest shaft in the KBS product line, the KBS TOUR 90 is designed for players seeking higher trajectory, additional spin and maximum distance. The KBS TOUR 90 is 20% lighter than standard shafts, ultimately assisting to increase swing and ball speeds. Independent testing showed that the KBS TOUR 90 averaged 9% more distance than its leading competitors.