Krank Golf

Krank Golf has been designing drivers since 16 years and manufactured over 150,000 driver heads since. Krank Drivers won 21 Long Drive Championships. Krank Golf is the golf company most close to the worldwide Long Drive circuit.
Why are Krank Golf’s drivers the longest hitting drivers in the world? Krank Golf drivers are hand made, 100% forged cupped faced drivers. Major golf companies are making cast soft metal drivers in mass production for mass distribution. For them it takes too much time, effort and money to produce hand made driver heads like Krank Golf. Krank Golf drivers have been designed and fine tuned over 16 years with the close feedback from Long Drive champions. Krank’s precision engineering and attention to details improves accuracy and increases distance.
The New Krank Golf Formula X EXTREME Driver is the result of a long journey of 16 years. The new Forumula X driver has been perfected everything from the combination of our super hardened beta titanium metals, our tri-sleeve adapter to the balance of your driver head for the most accurate hitting driver in the world.
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