Lamkin Golf Grips

About Lamkin Golf Grips:
The Lamkin Corporation was founded in 1925 by Elver B. Lamkin in Chicago, Illinois. As the industry’s first producer of leather golf grips, Lamkin quickly became the leading and preferred grip choice for the premium club manufacturers. In the 1960s, under the leadership of Robert E. Lamkin, the company began producing rubber and synthetic rubber grips to provide golfers with a more consistent and affordable grip option. The company continued to revolutionize the golf grip industry with new material, texture and manufacturing innovations that provided players with a functional performance advantage. After nearly 90 years, the Lamkin Corporation is one of the most trusted, dependable brands in golf and the leading provider of golf grips to premium club manufacturers, as well as Tour Players, Tour Professionals and millions of golfers around the world.

Lamkin ACE 3GEN Technology:
Ask any teaching pro. Too much grip pressure leads to too much tension, which leads to – well, nothing good. But a tackier grip provides you with a confident connection without unnecessary grip pressure. The result: less tension in the hands, arms and swing for longer and more consistent shots. In the end, isn’t that why you play? Lamkin's Advanced Cohesive Elastomer (ACE) is a proprietary synthetic rubber compound created by Lamkin chemists to deliver the highest level of surface tackiness and shock absorption. A better material to help you play better golf. The following Lamkin grips feature ACE 3GEN technology: UTX, R.E.L. ACE 3GEN, Crossline ACE 3GEN, Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN.

Lamkin Golf Grips

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New 2014: UTx:  
Revolutionary multi-layer grip takes all-weather performance and great-feeling playability to a new extreme. Propriety Tri-Layer Technology features:

  • Tacky and softer ACE 3GEN foundation for enhanced comfort.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric weave.
  • Firmer ACE 3GEN top layer

Patented ACE 3GEN delivers unmatched vibration dampening and surface tackiness. 3GEN shock absorption protects a golfer's hands and arms without dulling shot feedback. Firm outer layer provides exceptional torsion control ideal for high swing-speed players. Unique finishing process creates a distinctively stylish grip. Available in Standard (black, blue, red), Midsize (black, blue, red).

New 2014: R.E.L. ACE 3GEN:
The new R.E.L. ACE 3GEN is engineered with super-tacky Advanced Cohesive Elastomer materials. ACE provides a confident connection with the ideal light-pressure grip. Enhanced ACE 3GEN material with dirt-resistant, anti-static additives ensure longer lasting surface tack. Patented 3GEN vibration dampening technology. 3GEN dampens painful vibration without dulling shot feedback. Light surface pattern. Unique texture maximizes surface contact with a player's hands.

Lamkin Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN:
The new Advanced Cohesive Elastomer (ACE) material is a new super-tacky rubber material providing golfers with an unsurpassed level of gripping confidence. Combined with the properties of Lamkin's patent-pending 3GEN technology, the ACE compound is not only super-tacky, but offers superior shock-absorption and exceptional durability. The incredible tackiness of Perma-Wrap ACE is accentuated by a minimal, simulated wrap texture and a unique unbuffed surface finish, making it one of the tackiest grips on the market. The amplified surface tack of Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN provides golfers with an increased  gripping stability to promote a tension-free swing. Available in Standard (black, gray, white), Midsize (black) and Oversize (black).

Lamkin Crossline ACE 3GEN:
The Crossline ACE 3GEN is ideal for golfers demanding a super tacky, shock-absorbant grip with high-traction surface texture, providing slip-free confidence in all weather conditions. The enhanced surface tack, combined with the high-traction Crossline texture, provides golfers with an incredibly secure grip connection. Because the gripping stability is delivered through the grip material and texture, golfers are able to use the light, tension-free pressure necessary for optimizing swing speed and shot distance. Available in Standard, Midsize and Oversize for club fitting.