Hey there Q&A Folks! You are very prompt and informative, thank you! I know, I know...but is *this* driver USGA conforming? Obrigado, gracias, danka.

Bang Golf Pink-O-Matic 401 Beta Titanium Driver Head Pink
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the Bang-O-Matic 401 is a Mini Driver and is the smaller version of the all-time successful Bang-O-Matic 460 driver. The 401 was designed Long Drive champions George Slupski and Nancy Abuicunas. It is USGA conforming. All Bang driver heads are USGA conforming except the Big Bang Japan 470 driver, this driver was intentionally designed to be non-conforming. The Japan 470 is exceeding the USGA allowed COR value and is 470 cc volume.
Answered by Monark Golf Admin on Feb 12, 2020
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