Thinking about getting a geek golf ball breaker. I have a decent swing speed of about 107 mph. I am high ball hitter to begin with . Looking for the lower launch and spin shaft options for this clubhead (at 9Degrees) currently play ping g410 lst at 8.5 degrees. Looking to get a little more ball speed . Handicap is -.8

AccuFlex UltraBoom Graphite Wood Shaft
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I recommend you to visit a professional club fitter with swing analyzer and launch monitor.

The higher COR of a driver head may give you some extra yards distance.
However if you mate the head with a stiffer shaft promoting a lower trajectory, you will loose distance unless you have a higher swing speed.

You can search for a shaft with a low ball flight online.

• Visit the category page of all graphite shafts, https://www.monarkgolf.com/golf-components/shafts/graphite-golf-shafts/
• Use the Search + Filter tool at the left side,
• Look for “Ball Flight” and click on Low ball flight.
• Afterwards you can narrow down your search by weight of shaft, brand and price range.
Answered by Monark Golf Admin on Nov 30, 2020
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