trimming amount for "A" flex #3 rescue club

Graphite Design G-Tech Iron
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Graphite Design G-Tech is an iron shaft. Hybrid club length often longer than irons. Different #3 hybrids have different club length. What is the club length of the rescue/hybrid club you want? apply the desired club length from hybrid to the equivalent club length of an iron and apply the tip trim from that equivalent. let us say club length of your #3 hybrid will be 39". 39" equals #3 iron. Apply tip trim Senior flex of #3 iron to your hybrid. if club length of your #3 hybrid is 40", this will be #1 iron. Apply the tip trim of #1 iron Senior flex to your hybrid. keep in mind that iron shafts are shorter than hybrid shafts. Before doing tip trim, measure what will be the remaining shaft length to build your desired club length. you will find tip trim chart online if you click on the blue tab "Description".
Answered by Monark Golf Admin on Sep 26, 2019
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