Quite awhile ago, I had a Mellow Yellow 420cc 18 degree right handed driver head with a Penley Stealth 70 Golf Shaft: Gram Weight 73 Torque 3.5 Kick Point High Shaft Flex Stiff I would like to buy another club similar to the above. Any shaft recommendations that won't break the bank? Cheap is fine with me. Thanx ahead of time for your consideration.

Custom-Built Bang Golf Mellow Yellow 420cc Beta Titanium Driver
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Grafalloy Prolaunch Red: Low Ball flight, 65 gram. Aldila NV Green 75: Low-Mid Flight, 75 gram. Aldila XTORSION 70 Green (Sale): Low-Mid Flight, 75 gram.
Answered by Monark Golf Admin on Dec 3, 2023
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