What is the difference between the shafts fujikura vista pro 45 shaft to the integra sooolong ul45. What will I gain by purchasing the more expensive shaft. I am 70 years old. The head I want is the sooolong 168

Custom-Built Integra Sooolong 168 Beta Titanium Driver
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Fujikura Vista Pro 45-A has these specs: 5.4º Torque, 49 gram @ raw length, promotes a High Ball flight. Integra UL 45-A: 5.4º Torque, 45.5 gram, promotes a Mid-High ball flight. Fujikura shaft is table rolled made from various carbon fibers. Integra UL 45 is filament wound, i.e. woven from one endless carbon fiber thread. Both shafts are designed for golfers with smooth swing speed. I cannot tell thru email what distance or performance you will gain. to compare both shafts for performance for you, you will need to test them in a fitting session using a launch monitor and swing analyzer. If you are a recreational, occasional golfer, the Integra UL 45 will be certainly fine. The light weight head + light weight shaft + light weight grip will reduce weight of your club & promote a higher ball speed. if you select a higher loft, it will promote a higher ball flight offering more distance at less efforts.
Answered by Monark Golf Admin on Nov 15, 2019
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