Hi Christa. RE my invoice 62346 of 11/07. I like my new 5 utility, and I am considering ordering a 3, 4, 6 and 7 also. The head on my BMT 5 utility is almost the same size as my Ping G 5-wood; does the head size and head weight decrease from #3 thru to #6, or all heads the same size but with a different loft? If I were to order 4 more clubs with the same specs, is there any kind of a break you could give me on the price? (My Canadian dollars are taking a beating here in California!) Thanks!

Custom-Built Heater BMT Hybrid
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the hybrid heads are not the same size nor same weight throughout the set.
The head size from shrink or reduce in size by 5 to 10cc volume from head to head, only the Wedge hybrid heads have about the same cc volume size.
The weight will increase or get heavier by 5 gram from head to head
You can review the specs if you open the blue tab “Specifications” on above web page.
Answered by Monark Golf Admin on Nov 15, 2019
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