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Jul 19, 2017
I purchased I-Win single Length Irons and a single length hybrid ... Have to say could not be happier ... had thought about buying a "name brand" but decided to purchase these to try because of the price point ... All I can say is ... won't be purchasing the other brand name set as these are great clubs ... easy to hit ... good gaping ... also a good looking club too ... would highly recommend to anyone thinking of going from a standard iron set to one-length iron set give these a try ... I bet you won't disappointed ...

Advantages: easier to use with only set up ... and stance ...

Disadvantages: not really a disadvantage ... but it takes a couple of rounds to get use to the clubs ... especially the height you'll get when using the 9 thru w ...
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William Goodman about  Apollo Phantom Stepless Steel Shaft:
Aug 24, 2014
I like these shafts because they are light for steel shafts, and the stepless design seems to be a little softer than stepped shafts. I've used Apollo for many years, and I'm happy that they are still around.

Advantages: Seem to be softer than stepped shafts. Good for someone who is between regular and stiff shafts. When trimmed to be stiff, the softer feel seems to be an excellent middle ground

Disadvantages: None.
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Sep 30, 2015
i built the prophet cb irons with syntec accuforce 70 shafts great match with low torque. my golf buddy tried them and i had to make him a set and he replaced his hybrids with them.

Advantages: more distance with a higher ball flight. love it

Disadvantages: i did not get them sooner...
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Thomas Carr about  Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head:
Oct 22, 2015
I've been playing golf for 39 years. For the past 35 years I've always been between a 2 to 7 handicap. I consider myself one of the worst iron players ever! I hit it closer with 3, 4 and 5 hybrids than with wedges. I've always been a good wood player and decided to try the Blue Angels because they all look like woods. I've played 4 rounds with the 7-SW (Graffaloy Prolaunch Blue Iron shafts, Stiff) and am very very happy with how they are performing. They go very straight and the distance is very consistent. No more than a 10 yard difference when I miss, which is usually towards the toe. They are a half to full club longer than my Adams A12OS short irons, which were plenty long. I didn't buy them to gain distance (I've always been around 150 yards with an 8-iron. The Blue Angels 8-iron goes about 160 AND higher AND straighter), I bought them to be more consistent and they are exactly that. I have ordered the 2-iron through 6-iron to complete the full 2-SW set and am expecting them in a day or two. Monark shipping is incredibly fast btw, that's awesome. As said on the web site, the SW is not really a SW, it's a GW. The only problem I have now the large gap between the Blue Angels SW at 135-ish to my Ping 56 degree SW at only 110-ish. I'll take that problem any day!!!

Advantages: Consistent. Very solid feel, better than A12OS. Forgiving on mis-hits. Confidence-inspiring look if you like hitting woods. High launch. Did I mention LONG? Economical. High quality paint job, I was surprised and impressed.

Disadvantages: I'm not a big fan of the white color but I'll get used to it. A nice bright Blue like the Cobras would have been nice :-)
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May 20, 2013
Just got back from the range, had good results with the new Disukaba-II...very quiet sound when the ball comes off the face, feels soft, like butter....but it gets the ball out there, launches nice, big a 10.5...reg flex 50 gram shaft, 4.2 torque...length 46 inches...very straight hitting head...I swing average, 85 mph...and was flying the ball 200, at the range...this is on the first bounce....that's pretty descent....great paint job, easy to hit....fairway splitter.....

Advantages: all of the above

Disadvantages: none
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Robert Dulong about  Apollo Shadow FL Graphite Shafts:
Mar 2, 2013
This particular shaft is just right for the senior golfer I'm working clubs for. We've tried others and found this one to be the best match for his swing speed and tempo. He is hitting it longer and straighter than he ever has hit a ball.

Advantages: Light weight

Disadvantages: Use caution when cutting. Splinters easily. I used tape but still got some slinters. Was still able to use the shaft, though.
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Jul 17, 2015
This is a very good shaft.
I used it in my 5 hybrid and works very well.

Advantages: longer and straighter shots

Disadvantages: none
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Breadfan about  Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Shaft:
Jul 29, 2014
I'm a 12 hdcp and shoot anywhere from 75-85. This is the first light steel shaft I have used. I have been using DG's (stiff) seems like my entire life. The feedback I am getting from this shaft is incredible. I can feel everything, and can tell you exactly where the ball struck on the face of the iron. I'm not sure why a shaft this inexpensive, it has so much response, but then again, are we just getting ripped off on the GD's and Nippons? If you handed me this shat and said it was 15.00 bucks, I wouldn't doubt you after I hit it. The only drawback I have from this shaft is it seems a little too stiff. I read many reviews before I bought these and everyone said to trim back one flex so I did. I am normally a Stiff, and I trimmed these to regular, they feel like stiffs. I am also used to a low ball flight from my DG's and this shaft does launch them higher, which gave me 5-7 more yards coupled with the lightness of the shaft. I would oryy if I played in windy conditions but it doesn't get too bad here on the east coast of Fla. I recommend this shaft!

Advantages: 1.Great feel
2. High ball flight (if that's what you are after)

Disadvantages: They are off at least a flex. i cut my regular for stiff. High ball flight could be a problem if you already hit a regular weight shaft high to begin with.
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Carlton Lum about  Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron Head:
Jun 30, 2015
I am very pleased with my recent purchase of a set of DynaCrafts Profet CB iron heads. I have been using Dynacraft club heads for over 20 years. Two sets ago I was using DynaCrafts II which I used from 2003 until 2005. They were easy to hit. My most recent irons I used for the past 5 years was Taylormade CBG'S mid size on regular Graphite shafts. I recently became bored with the Taylormade and wanted to go back to steel shafts. Hence I wanted a new iron design.

With the advances of light weight steel shafts and being a senior, I made a set of irons with Apollo steel 85 and Golf Pride CP2 midsized grips.

Very pleased with my build, strike them pure and have gained distance. The balls come off the face hot. My 150 yard club is now a hard 8 or easy 7 iron.

I received my order within 4 days of ordering, and that is all the way out to Hawaii. Staff responses to my questions right away. I have ordered several more items from Monark and they haven't let me down.

Advantages: Appealng to the eye at address, easy to line up, top strap isn't too thick and mishit are as forgiving as any other mid size design.

Disadvantages: None.
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Wilson Gilbert about  Custom-Built i-Drive Hybrid - Black:
Sep 21, 2012
I bought the idrive hybrid clubs 2 thru SW and am hitting them further and higher than the hybrids I was using. I am 81 years old and have found than these clubs do better with a slower swing which I have. I have four senior friend who tried my clubs and bought their own set so there must be something to these clubs.
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Jan 10, 2018
Used this shaft to replace my driver shaft. The iDrive shaft was tipped for R flex and it has out performed the sheet wound grafite shafts. Consistency and longer distance is a real plus. Offers a great feel throughout my swing for a low torque shaft.

Advantages: Great price for a quality shaft.

Disadvantages: None
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Nov 11, 2016
I made a set these irons.
I really like playing with them.
cut all the shafts to 7 iron length.
I really like these irons.
The distance of each iron is very close to a regular set of irons.

Advantages: all irons swing like a 7 iron.
all irons have the same lie angle.
easy to hit.

Disadvantages: none
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Jan 7, 2017
After a few minutes at the driving range I got used to them and found I was hitting them straighter than the standard sets. I always had trouble adjusting for the different lengths but that issue is now gone. My miss hits have dropped and I dont miss hit the ball as often.

Advantages: Same weight and length makes your swing consistent. If you are a high handicap player these irons really help you get a consistent swing. The 5 iron is much heaver and need to get used to it but I like the heavy weight. Feel very comfortable in my swing now.
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Brian Mullen about  Apollo Shadow FL Graphite Shafts:
Sep 1, 2015
Love these shafts build them to firm flex have been using them for 3 years now

Advantages: For me just an all around excellent shaft

Disadvantages: None, I love them
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Mar 15, 2016
Great head to stand over.
Excellent feel , sound and as it states - LONG

Advantages: Appearance , feel , sound , length and last but not least price . This fairway wood is so good I am getting some to keep for me when I wear mine out .

Disadvantages: Only just found this 2 mounts ago .
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Erik Nylander about  Armada Mallet Putter Head - Red/Gray:
I made this into a Belly Putter, using the require double bend 41' in shaft and the 19" belly putter grip This head is ballanced perfectly and with the three ball alignment allows it easily align up your putt. reccoment this putter to everyone!
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David Karasow about  Custom-Built Acer XK Chipper RH:
Jun 28, 2015
Great service, made well exactly as ordered at a great price with fast delivery. What more can anyone ask for.
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Jul 9, 2018
Absolutely Love these heads. I had the Cavity Back and loved them also. I wanted a little more distance and built a set of the MB and paired them with the MP6 UST graphite shaft and I am getting 5 to 10 more yards with the same accuracy. The ball flight is actually higher and straighter, however I can work the ball a lot better with the MB. I am very satisfied with the smaller more compact size and have not experience any more mishits.

Advantages: Longer, higher and straighter ball flight

Disadvantages: NONE
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May 13, 2022
Love it. Bought it based on reviews. Paired it with the Pinhawk 7 wood. Great combo. Highly recommended.

Advantages: Great performance and value

Disadvantages: None
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David M Duggan about  Custom-Built i-Drive Hybrid - Black:
May 18, 2021
Excellent company to work with.

Advantages: It was an easy transaction. Nice that you can pick loft, shaft and grip.

Disadvantages: No disadvantage.
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James Imrie about  Armada Mallet Putter Head - Red/Gray:
Sep 28, 2014
The transaction went very smoothly. Had a couple of questions about installing the shaft and received good recommendations very knowledgeable.

Advantages: Both quality and price was good and shipping was prompt.
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Eldon Lindeman about  Heater B-3 Iron Heads:
Jan 19, 2019
Great Irons! I just built a set of the latest version of the Heater B-3 irons with the new 17-4 hot face technology. These irons are a virtual clone of the new TaylorMade M CGB irons with the exception of the patented slot technology all Taylor Made clubs have. These irons have higher launch angles and greater distances as a result of the tungsten weighting on the lower backside of the club. The irons fall in the category as game improvement clubs which suits my game very well. When mated with mid-launch graphite shafts they are the perfect club for us senior golfers.
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Sidney Owens about  iDrive Tour Graphite Shafts - Black:
Sep 4, 2013
Fantastic product used to reshaft Ping irons for father in-law. He said he hasn't played this well in years

Advantages: Lightweight and lets you feel the weight of the head. allows more solid contact.

Disadvantages: None
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mikko kivela about  Acer XV Tour Blade Iron Head :
Sep 30, 2017
Hosel id is quite large, I've been using coarse aluminium "powder" that I made by hacksaw to shim the shaft. Weights are well in tolerance, most exactly correct and few +2 grams. Havent' tried to bend yet, so can't comment on that. I've played about 5 rounds with i7 that I build to test, felt good so now I'm installing 4-P with FST 115 pro shafts.With Rexton midsize grips I was able to make i5 39.2" at D6 swingweight. Should be perfect. P and 9 could be slimmer on top view, longer irons looks great. Maybe not for McIlroy, but I'm fine (handicap 4.6). previously I've used Golfsmith Tour Cavity and Wishon 550M blades.

Advantages: Looks good, plays well.

Disadvantages: Short irons could be slimmer look on top, and hosel id is quite large.
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Felton Turnage about  Syntec AccuForce 70 Graphite Shafts:
Oct 3, 2019
Best shaft I have every had straight and long. I put them on the dynacraft muscle blades. Best decision I have made so fare. Took my new club to a golf shop that has a launch monitor and out hit all the name brand high end clubs.

Advantages: Price and accuracy

Disadvantages: None
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