Custom-Built i-Drive Hybrid - Black

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Wilson Gilbert
Sep 21, 2012
I bought the idrive hybrid clubs 2 thru SW and am hitting them further and higher than the hybrids I was using. I am 81 years old and have found than these clubs do better with a slower swing which I have. I have four senior friend who tried my clubs and bought their own set so there must be something to these clubs.
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Aug 16, 2016
I've always hit fairway woods well but poor iron player. 60YO now and looking for better results. Bought 28-34-40 deg set for range of 90-160 yds. Shaft = TT Multi-step lite - reg flex. Hit these straight and high. Wish I had these 30 yrs ago....Shank you very much!

Advantages: Heavy headed, dense feel with compact profile helps them get through rough and weeds where conventional ironhead would twist and skew contact for errant shot. From fairway, they are very directional and produce height that holds the green. No sense that I could shape a shot left or right if I wanted to, but I'm plenty happy with straight after years of frustration with low/mid irons. Nice looking clubhead, fit & finish on par with any of the brand name clubs that you'll pay 5X the price. Assembled flawlessly. On-time, good cust svc.

Disadvantages: Distance seems best controlled by choking up the grip accordingly while maintaining a smooth full swing vs trying to vary swing length or speed. Can't get punchy. I'm hitting some shots longer than intended which will not be a problem after a few more rounds. Senior/lady flex shafts may overload (not catch up at contact). Regular flex shaft seems perfect for consistent controlled swing @ 80-85mph.
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Charles Schulz
Jan 7, 2014
Great club and great price combine for one very happy customer. This is the fourth IDrive hybrid that I've purchased and they are awesome.

Advantages: Long and straight. Outhitting my old Cleveland Mashies by 20 yards

Disadvantages: None
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Mar 22, 2019
Great clubs, put together flawlessly with many shaft and grip selections. I'm a high capper and play a full set 4-sw. The weight helps with high ball flight and consistency. I dumped my ego and play better more consistently golf. I don't work the ball. Straight and a slight fade is fine with me. I added 1" in length for stand taller and can swing smoother.
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