Tour Model T11 Hybrid Head


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Dan Lewis
Jun 12, 2013
The components I ordered were all to my expectations and were delivered to the destination on the time requested.
Thank you very much.
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Theodore Cooper
Feb 10, 2014
The three that I have made so far look and feel great,, will now try them on the course !!!
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Jan 21, 2022
For an amateur golfer, using short (and long) hybrids are game changers. The wider sole is super forgiving - if you hit the turf incorrectly (toe or heel, thin or fat), an iron will twist and result in a bad shot. With a hybrid, the wide sole protects you against those shots. For example, a fat shot will not get stuck in the turf like an iron, as the wide sole will adjust itself by not digging into the turf.

As a left hander, there aren’t any short hybrids out there, except a few really expensive ones. I bought a 7h club in December 2020 (it was only $38 back then). That worked so well, I bought a 9h head and put it on my existing 9i shaft. Rarely a bad shot from 100-120 anymore.

So, for $19.95 each, I bought a SW and LW and put them on my existing wedges - avoiding the expense of a shaft, grip, and ferrule.

So now I have no problems from inside 150yds.

Hybrids make the game so much more fun, and this is a super affordable way for lefties to get in on it.

Advantages: it’s a short-iron hybrid, I mean, c’mon.

Disadvantages: none
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William Brown
Sep 29, 2015
Love these heads. I get consistent play with these. It is easier to play the game if you can depend on the distance you get out of the club. Great value for your money.

Advantages: Good looking, consistent performance, great feel.
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Michael Lundy
Sep 20, 2019
I put together the 4 hybrid 22 degree with a Addila VX hybrid S flex shaft. I wanted a club for my home course 190 par 3 that will fly high and land soft. First time out I achieve hit the green. Also hit the green from the rough at 198 out. Had a solid feel on contact and a nice sound. I like my swingweight to be D2-D4. I had to add weight to the butt end of my club to get what i wanted (personal preference). Nevertheless the club felt great before I added the butt weight.

Advantages: My ball flight is higher and land softer than my 4 Iron.

Disadvantages: Playing into the wind and having the flight the ball down.
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Reagan Kennedy
Nov 1, 2023
Great option vs. high end big name brand clubs. I purchased a set of these hybrids 3 thru PW for a customer that has a problem with hitting irons and he loves them.

Advantages: Constant throughout the set good distance, and great ball flight. Easy to attack the ball in the rough, off hard pan, and fairway

Disadvantages: The paint coat is a little bit thin and wears easy.
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