Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron Head

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Sep 30, 2015
i built the prophet cb irons with syntec accuforce 70 shafts great match with low torque. my golf buddy tried them and i had to make him a set and he replaced his hybrids with them.

Advantages: more distance with a higher ball flight. love it

Disadvantages: i did not get them sooner...
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Carlton Lum
Jun 30, 2015
I am very pleased with my recent purchase of a set of DynaCrafts Profet CB iron heads. I have been using Dynacraft club heads for over 20 years. Two sets ago I was using DynaCrafts II which I used from 2003 until 2005. They were easy to hit. My most recent irons I used for the past 5 years was Taylormade CBG'S mid size on regular Graphite shafts. I recently became bored with the Taylormade and wanted to go back to steel shafts. Hence I wanted a new iron design.

With the advances of light weight steel shafts and being a senior, I made a set of irons with Apollo steel 85 and Golf Pride CP2 midsized grips.

Very pleased with my build, strike them pure and have gained distance. The balls come off the face hot. My 150 yard club is now a hard 8 or easy 7 iron.

I received my order within 4 days of ordering, and that is all the way out to Hawaii. Staff responses to my questions right away. I have ordered several more items from Monark and they haven't let me down.

Advantages: Appealng to the eye at address, easy to line up, top strap isn't too thick and mishit are as forgiving as any other mid size design.

Disadvantages: None.
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Apr 27, 2018
Replaced my Taylormade Burner plus with the Propet CB heads. Also, shortened shafts as these Taylormade stock uniflex shafts are an inch longer than standard. These clubs blow the Taylormade away. Even though they are CB heads you can actually feel the ball (compared to Burner Plus, anyway). Even with shortened shaft yardage is longer. To sum it up Dynacraft has made a great club. Feel, length, accuracy, look ...all 5 stars. Also, offset is not as drastic. A better club all around.

Monarch service is top notch, too.
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James French
Sep 8, 2015
I got to try the Dynacraft Prophet wedge for the first time on vacation in Mexico. These are great clubs that offer real game improvement features. Close to the green I was able to perform great flop shots that got me very close to the pin every time.

Don't waste your money on the Brand name wedges ...... this club will do the job! 100% satisfied.

Advantages: Great looks, accuracy and game improvement features. Don't hesitate .... Buy one!

Disadvantages: Only to my playing partners who don't have one yet.
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Otis Sowell
Sep 26, 2015
I am a 1996 Graduate of Golfsmith's Professional Clubmaking, Fitting And Repair School. Tom Wishon was our head instructor.
I have built and played with a lot of store bought and custom assembled irons since then but none of those have given me the confidence and consistency that I have gained with the Dynacraft Prophet CB Irons.
This is the first set of irons I did not have to modify for lie or loft . The trajectory of each iron is spot on for me.
I assembled these with a new set of Diamond Rifle 6.0 shafts that I found on Ebay and used rounded foam insulation down the shafts to eliminate the "zing" sound those shafts usually produce.

For the first time in years of playing golf I can really apply Harvey Penick's advice to "take dead aim" and forget about what the club is going to do. What more can I say about these irons? Plenty, but there is no need to. I learned the game as a caddie more than 50 years ago and still have the swing that keeps me in the mid 70's . With these irons I hope to stay there for a while.

Advantages: Confidence restorer, consistent trajectory with excellent feel and playability.

Disadvantages: None.
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James Gottschlich
Oct 23, 2015
the Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron heads are great. Out of all the iron heads I have tried (7) I have to give these the #1 rating. I paired them with the I Drive Lite shafts and find them to be long and straight. I have a 17 handicap and they are well suited for my game. A smooth swing gives me 160 yds with an 8 iron which is 10-15 yds longer than my previous best irons.

Advantages: Good looking, long, straight

Disadvantages: cant think of any
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Tom Nasella
Oct 29, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Decided to replace my 7, 8 and 9 hybrids with regular irons after hitting a friend's new clubs. Ordered the Dynacraft Prophet CBs and was so impressed with their performance that I replaced the 4,5 and 6 also. These are easy to hit, forgiving and launch very high. With the hybrids I had a tendency to hook them but with the Dynacrafts I seem to be straighter with more consistency. I'm very pleased with these heads.

Advantages: Higher trajectory, more consistent

Disadvantages: Haven't found any disadvantage to what I had before.
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Jan 1, 2016
i have built 20 plus sets , so far this is #1 used three times now, looking forward 2016 these will bring the game back into focus..

Advantages: hit down on ball great, balls fly's far and streight

Disadvantages: haven't found any yet
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Sep 29, 2017
Was skeptical of so many positive reviews but I’m a believer now! Great performance head paired with Fubuki graphite Reg. Shafts. Most accurate irons I have played. Easy to work ball. Love them.

Advantages: Longer straighter, great at st up.

Disadvantages: None yet.
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john Peters
Apr 6, 2021
great value
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michael Fermino
Jun 17, 2017
first of all kudos to monark golf,and usps.Fast delivery and cheap 7.45 from ca to ma.I put the dynacraft prpphet cb on my regular flex Nippon steel shafts.WOW WEE KAZAW! picked up 10 to 15 yards of straight yards,and heads feel soft and amazing.Blows away any oem I,ve ever hit,and at 69 ive a bunch.

Advantages: length,feel,ball flight,and of course value.Epic irons 1,700 you have to benuts to pay that when the cb will give as much distance and forgiveness.

Disadvantages: none
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Greg Guinn
Sep 25, 2018
I have been assembling golf clubs from components for over 35 years. I have certain characteristics that I demand in my purchase of heads. These heads met all my requirements and reviews from others were all positive. Purchased from Monark and used light weight steel shafts with plus 3/4" in length for a very tall customer. After assembly, I took 8 iron to the course and hit three balls. It was all I needed, because the results were amazing....this head will be my #1 recommended component!

Advantages: Looks, style, size, performance --- everything!! I love the oversized feature!!!!!

Disadvantages: NONE!!
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John I
Aug 17, 2019
Have built several sets of these for customers and can't be happier! They all love the clubs and have lowered there scores. When the clubs came out they were stronger lofted then most others but still get the ball up for the higher handicap golfers. I have hit them and like the ball flight and feel myself. I just fit another customer with a set of these with Apollo 85 Acculite shafts since he wanted lighter shafts do to getting older and not as strong. The combination works great for him and he has added more yards and more importantly he is more consistent with these. Glad Dynacraft is still making them, or at least Monark Golf still carries them. Great service from Monark also.

Advantages: Great ball flight and distance along with feel.

Disadvantages: None
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Allan Clapp
Jul 12, 2021
I've never been good with irons, but that is changing since building a set with these heads. I used senior flex Apollo Shadow graphite shafts as I'm nearing 70, and Tacki-Mac medium grips. Having played several rounds with these clubs I can honestly say I'm impressed, and that all the other reviews were right-on as well. From the 4 iron on up they all feel like no other brand name has ever felt in my hands. Solid hits, very forgiving, stroke reducing, and others have noticed the difference in my game. These irons are now my first choice over the fairway woods I've relied on for decades.

Advantages: Best looking irons I've ever seen.
Solid feeling hits that no other clubs have ever given me.
Does wonders for my confidence and score card.

Disadvantages: Ain't no.
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Tom Hamrick
May 1, 2015
The finest component piece available in the last 30 years.

Advantages: Solid feel, looks great, produces trajectory and spin. builds confidence quickly.

Disadvantages: limited availability
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Dale Kinzler
Dec 23, 2020
Combined with Aldila Rogue senior flex graphite and max size grips for my aging hands. Senior golfer, handicap 28. Had best round of the season my first day with these! Had the good fortune of a mild North Dakota weather day, golfed on December 22, 2 days after assembling the clubs

Advantages: Very easy to hit, distance and accuracy impressive

Disadvantages: none
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