Integra SoooLong UltraLite 45 Black/Silver Graphite Shafts

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Aug 16, 2021
very good shaft..
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Ken Kokubun
Aug 20, 2021
I love the shaft. It has given me extra yards off the tee from my former shaft.
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Ronald Jeffery Loose
Aug 21, 2021
another guess on my part but this shaft used with the P24 driver head has really turned out to work really good. I did not trim the shaft and have been using it full length. My other driver is a Mizuno and I have gained yardage with this combo.

Advantages: N/A

Disadvantages: N/A
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Andy Brauer
Sep 23, 2021
Bought two of these shafts for fitting to my Epic Flash driver head, a regular flex and a senior or A flex. Why two? Partly because the good people at Monark advised that the International freight cost I'd be paying to Australia would be no more for two than one and partly for future proofing my ageing swing. I am using the regular flex currently and could not be happier with the results. Surprisingly there is no permanent indication of flex on either shaft, only a temporary sticker. A quick use of a marker pen to color in the R of INTEGRA solved that. I'll do the A on the senior flex shaft in the same way so I can tell them apart.
I recommend the shaft I'm using because it performs as advertised. I am full of praise for the assistance given to me by the Monark staff too.

Advantages: This shaft is giving me at least 25 yards more than the stock Evenflow Green shaft it came with. Admittedly I am using it uncut at 46 inches which makes the driver nearly 48 inches overall but at 72 I don't care how I get distance on my drives. I just need it. I don't find the long shaft any harder to control than the original which was a pleasant surprise.
To any other ageing golfers out there looking for distance these are good quality shafts that don't cost a fortune and do what they promise.

Disadvantages: None that I've found but golfers with strong swings might not appreciate these shafts as much as golfers with smooth swings.
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Tony Steele
Oct 6, 2021
Put this in a Taylor M6. Far and away longer than their OEM Fujikura. Tested out perfectly to specification. Highly recommend this shaft.

Advantages: VERY Long and to specification.

Disadvantages: none
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Leo Yager
Jul 15, 2021
Have used 2 Integra SoooLong shafts. They both tested to published specs. One installed in a driver and the other in a fairway wood. Mixed results. I possibly may benefit from a higher total weight club. However I recommend this shaft for those seeking lighter weight clubs. It is a good value.
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