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Sep 4, 2017
What a great set of irons. I built these with Apollo spectre lite shafts and I just love them. They have a smaller head on them than the newer style game improvement irons which is what I love about them. Buy these irons you will not regret it!!

Advantages: Still a little game improvement features but closer to a blade style, the perfect balance.

Disadvantages: The 3 iron is a bit hard to hit consistently for me.
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Oct 6, 2018
these heads are for the better player. With these heads you can work the ball left to right with no problem. Heads are smaller so you almost have to be right on the money to strike these clubs. In comparison to the Ping G style iron heads these heads are lightweight. The Ping G style are easier to hit but heavier and harder to work the ball left to right. All in all a very good iron head if your a better player if not stick to Ping G style or something similar.

Advantages: able to work ball left to right

Disadvantages: small head
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Charlie Grim
Feb 23, 2023
I built a set of these about a year ago. My handicap has gone from 7.7 to 5.1 since. These heads give me consistent distances and great spin. My advice to the builders, don't make the mistake of thinking that since the heads are inexpensive that they do not warrant a good shaft. I built mine with Dynamic Gold 105 shafts and it was well worth it. I enjoy going to demo days to try new clubs. My Acer XV pro irons consistently match or outperform the latest irons that cost 3 times as much.

Advantages: Consistent distances
Good spin
Great price

Disadvantages: None
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Dec 5, 2019
Purchase at of these irons (8-PW) with Acer Ht in 5-7 for a more progressive set. Put UST Mamiya 55gram Stil Graphites tip trimmed on short irons soft topped on long irons GP MMC Grips, got to very impressed overall, nice feel for a cast club, strong flight and good distance. Very nice looking club too. Like the slightly smaller Pro head on the scoring clubs, long irons launch the ball very well. Total cost inc. Shipping, shafts, grips ferries £149 $200?

Advantages: Great Value, good looks and they work!

Disadvantages: Potential resale value lower as not OEM, but less to buy!
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