Acer XV Tour Blade Iron Head

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mikko kivela
Sep 30, 2017
Hosel id is quite large, I've been using coarse aluminium "powder" that I made by hacksaw to shim the shaft. Weights are well in tolerance, most exactly correct and few +2 grams. Havent' tried to bend yet, so can't comment on that. I've played about 5 rounds with i7 that I build to test, felt good so now I'm installing 4-P with FST 115 pro shafts.With Rexton midsize grips I was able to make i5 39.2" at D6 swingweight. Should be perfect. P and 9 could be slimmer on top view, longer irons looks great. Maybe not for McIlroy, but I'm fine (handicap 4.6). previously I've used Golfsmith Tour Cavity and Wishon 550M blades.

Advantages: Looks good, plays well.

Disadvantages: Short irons could be slimmer look on top, and hosel id is quite large.
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Jun 18, 2017
great feeling irons! distance and forgiveness were both surprising for a blade. love these.
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Douglas Honeyman
Aug 7, 2018
Speechless... Bought the 7 8 9 heads and matched them with Dynalight shafts amazing feel even on miss hits. Impressive.
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David Robinson
Aug 17, 2016
Purchased Acer XV Tour Blade 6 iron to see how these feel. WOW!!! For the price you cannot go wrong! Looks, feels and performs as well as my Callaway XR Pros. No! Better feel!!! Thanks Acer. You have a winner here!

Advantages: Price, Feel, Playability

Disadvantages: Sometimes they are unavailable
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Tommy Duffsnomore
Jul 6, 2023
I got fitted at a local place and tried the new SRIXON, MIZUNO, CALLAWAY and others. All of them played as well, but not better than my 7 year old Titleist CB714's. I decided NOT to spend over $1,000 on a name brand set, but armed with the knowledge from the fitting and my ability to build clubs, I paid $250 for 4i through AW. Used the Apollo Stepless Standard shafts as they were among the heaviest and only $6.30 each. These play great. The clubheads are a little larger than player's clubs and the top line is a little thicker, but only slightly. The offset is minimal and the feel of these clubs is only slightly different than a forged iron. Highly recommend.

Advantages: Inexpensive,good looks. good feel. 4 through SW available. minimal offset and acceptable top line. easy to bend if you want to customize.

Disadvantages: the finish on the back of the club is very good but not perfect like a brand name iron. too slight to worry about. Top line is slightly thicker and club head is slightly larger which could help many but not a low handicapper. strong lofts improve length but think about your gapping between clubs.
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Mark Giesting
Jun 24, 2021
These irons are as good as anything on the market. Being able to mix and match with the Acer pros is a plus, but if you hit the ball consistently solid you'll love the feel of the tour blade

Advantages: Soft blade feel
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Abney C Bolchoz Jr
Jul 6, 2021
I've played a lot of irons including forged blades and these feel about as soft but don't hurt as bad on the mishits. They are also forgiving enough for me - my h.c. is around 12.
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