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Jan 28, 2022
Just received the heads, 6 thru Aw. Asked for 1* upright and they are marked as such. Weights are NOT consistent. In grams: 273, 273, 269, 270, 272, 273. I guess I should have requested a hand-pick. My shafts are all within one gram of each other. Will need to use tip-weight in order to equalize swing weight. Dry-fitted everything and think I have it figured out. More consistent head weight would have been easier! Heads look DO look nice and am anxious to build and play. Will be a few weeks yet before that is possible. Will give a "playing" review when possible.
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Mar 19, 2022
Very nicely constructed heads. I built 5-AW left-handed set. I'm 6'4" so I added 1.5" to my standard 7 iron length. I'm an 85-90 golfer so I'm looking for a little more consistency and these seem like they will help. I have only played once so its a matter of learning distances but the ball comes off the head really well on good struck balls with plenty of spin. These clubs are definitely for people looking to get the ball airborne as they are weak lofted so you may have to club down which isn't an issue for me. As for my round I shot an 82 and all the well struck irons were straight as an arrow towards the flag with the only issue being they were coming up about 10 yards shorter than my Ping G10s but I like the consistency & will just dial in these clubs for distance.

Advantages: Well made, High launch, Really good spin, Accuracy, Workability,

Disadvantages: Weak lofted so people who like to brag on iron distance may not like them
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Laurence Whitworth
Sep 17, 2021
I bought the 5 Iron head to complete my wife's set. She is 76 and does very well with these irons. A great solution for older golfers.

Advantages: Single set up, single swing,

Disadvantages: none
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David Williams
Oct 17, 2021
Great iron heads. Well made. Perform great. Built my first set of clubs using Pinhawk single length iron heads, Apollo Acculite 95 shafts, Sting Stoppers and Golf Pride MCC4 reduced taper grips. I was designing for accuracy and consistency and not distance. Design intent achieved. I have played these for nearly 2 months now and they are terrific. Great ball flight. Consistent and accurate. Feels good off the club. No issue elevating the ball from 4 iron on up. I do have a very vertical single plane swing which helps with ball launch. Hitting the P, AW, and LW well.

Advantages: Quality, great feel, good elevation off the club face

Disadvantages: The polished part of the heads, including the bases, seem to scuff and scratch quite a bit. No issue with performance or from what I can see longevity - just looks a bit scratchy.
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Jul 31, 2019
These clubs have a solid feel when you make contact around the center of the club face. I used the Apollo shafts and inserted a tapered foam insert to prevent vibration. I love the fact that I have one swing stance and ball position every time I use these clubs. They launch the ball as far as my hollow back Acer irons. The 4 iron shot goes as far as my 3 iron but it travels straighter with no slicing. Love these clubs! Thanks Monark for a great product.

Advantages: One stance and ball position

Disadvantages: ????
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Aug 9, 2022
Pinhawk SL irons are an excellent choice if you want to play single length. Very good quality club head.

Advantages: Consistency of strike!
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