Acer XV Ultimate Thriver Head

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Aug 30, 2017
Wow !!! Meets all expectations I was hoping for.. Golf buddies can't believe I'm hitting the fairways on a routine basis

Advantages: Tried the different weights for the best swing tempo. Nice components to have from Monark

Disadvantages: None . I'm a happy camper....I mean golfer
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John I
Oct 9, 2021
I am now on my 4th Thriver. my first one I had a customer that played a couple rounds with me and commented on how well I hit my driver. He wanted to try it during his fitting and liked it so much he wanted to buy mine on the spot. I then ordered another one and can not be happier. I built them with the original UST Proforce 65 shaft and this has been a great combo. I hit this longer and straighter then any of the (long) drivers on the market now. I am more consistant and since I was never very long off the tee, I am now not embarrased since I have increased my length and am now usually in the fairway. This club has saved my game and brought the enjoyment back into the game for me. I have fit several customers for drivers and most, after hitting the Thriver want one. Just wish they were back in stock. I have customers waiting.

Advantages: Long and straight! Easier to hit the sweet spot.

Disadvantages: None
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John I
Oct 17, 2021
I love this club and the idea behind it. I was never a long hitter and when I play the longer drivers on the market I was all over the place except in the fairway. After bui9lding one of these Thrivers I had the control of a three wood, like it says in description and got the distance I was lacking by hitting the sweet spot more often. After my confidence was up I was able to start swinging a little faster and still hit the sweet spot which gave me more distance and more importantly more fairways hit. I have sold several of these to customers at different lengths but all the customers are very happy with the performance and increased fairways hit and added length. I sell them as fast as I get them in. Great club!

Advantages: Length, control, and accuracy, which all leads to confidence.

Disadvantages: None
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James R Walters
May 25, 2023
Excellent plus -w/UST MP5 lite shaft @43.5"
Replaced TM M6 D 10.5. The XV so easy to hit and high % in the middle with no loss of distance. Senior player and long time club maker. Splined shaft/ D0 midsized GP grip

Advantages: East to control ball

Disadvantages: None
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Bonghyun Baek
Jul 12, 2021
It is a very nice head for a shorter driver. Unlike In1Zone driver which broke very soon and had a poor quality, it looks good. It includes three weighting screws and you can adjust head weight up to your satisfaction. I build a 42 inch long driver with heaviest weighting screw. I can hit it solid.

Advantages: It includes three weighting screw.

Disadvantages: It doesn't look like 12 degree club face and shows low trajectory
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