King X-888 Hybrid Component Kit


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Paul Krause
Sep 16, 2021
After having to replace my old hybrid, making the proper choices was easy on your web site. I had constructed golf clubs before so this was no effort for me.

Advantages: The two hybrids which I prepared turned out to be a very wise purchase. I love these clubs. They work well and most of my shots with them are right on.

Disadvantages: I should have built these several years ago and my golf came would have been so much better than it is.22>45
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Forrest Woolman
Sep 7, 2023
This was my first club kit, I built this club in October 2022, and was my first hybrid club, #4. I had to watch some YouTube videos and get some tips from veteran golfers on how to use this hybrid. I am 6' tall but have short arms. So I need to leave an extra 1" on the shaft to help me make better swings. I am happy I bought and built this club, it's one of my favorites. I needed to do a lot of research about shaft lengths in order to size this right for me. The kit didn't included anything about shaft lengths (and that's not their responsibility). I had to remove the grip once and re-cut the shaft to get it to my correct length.

Advantages: Clean contact with the ball. The construction is solid and the quality excellent. I am so glad I discovered the club kits offered by Monark Golf!

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage was having to wait a couple days for delivery.
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