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Discount Golf Clubs

Save strokes on the course when you save on Discount Golf Clubs from Monark Golf offering deep discounts on new golf clubs.

Technical innovation of new golf clubs on sale has been slowing down since a few years as the design of golf drivers has been maxed out and reached the limits set by the USGA for rebound effect and max size of the clubhead. New clubs often do not offer much innovation and previous designs can be as good as new ones at the fraction of the original price. Knockoffs or clones of the major name brands and off-brands are also offering a great value. Many of the value clubs are a great alternative to the name brands especially when considering the cost savings.

Enjoy your time on the golf course with these essentials in your bag:

* Golf Driver help you achieve distance and launching it off the tee. Aluminum driver heads are as large and durable as titanium driver at a fraction of the price.

* Fairway woods have a higher loft than a driver and a smaller profile to be used for shots along the fairway and for directional control.

* Irons are used for shots of less than 200 yards. A game improvement design features a wide sole, lower center of gravity and a large face for improved forgiveness and more distance.

* Hybrid clubs are a cross bread between woods and irons and offer the best of both. Hybrid clubs are more forgiving and offer more distance on off center hits than irons.

* Mallet putters with alignment lines offer pinpoint accuracy and provide a smooth roll and limited skidding on the green.

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