Syntec Shafts

About Syntec Golf Shafts:
Syntec is a value line of graphite shafts offering an unbeatable combination of performance and value. As we do not work with paid endorsment players, expensive marketing costs are saved resulting in lower prices.
Syntec graphite shafts are carefully manufactured by a large OEM shaft manufacturer established 1974. Our factory is manufacturing not only graphite golf shafts, but also rackets, bicyle parts, baseball bats and automobile parts. The factory is using hot-melt prepreg system to manufacture stronger and lighter products by lowering the resin content. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified (2008) and is also SGS System certified.

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Syntec Accuforce 70 Graphite Shafts
Guaranteed 100% high modulus, high strength graphite. Light weight, low torque design. Durable quality. Reliable brand name quality offered at very affordable prices. AccuForce line comes in convenient combo flexes A/L and R/S for woods and irons, also available in 42" hybrid shafts.

Syntec Accuforce 60 Iron Shafts
Finally, a super light weight iron shaft at a value price. Filament wound construction eliminates spline and offers high consistency around the circumference of the shaft. Designed for players with a smoother tempo looking at improved trajectory and distance.

Syntec Performance Shafts:

  • Syntec Ultra 45Sub ultra light weight, high performance graphite shaft. Mid/Low bend point helps golfers to easily get the ball up in the air for increased carry distance. Made of 100% high-modulus carbon fibers. Filament wound for increased consistency and accuracy. The low weight and responsive tip design is great for golfers with slower swing and smooth transition seeking a high launching shaft.
  • Syntec Ultra 55: Made of 100% high-modulus carbon fibers. Ultra light weight, low torque design. The low weight and responsive tip design is great for golfers with slower swing and smooth transition seeking a high launching shaft.
  • Syntec Ultra 65: Great for golfers with average swing speed and smooth to semi-aggressive transition seeking a high launch shaft with lower spin for optimal trajectory. The smooth, precise and stable feel will result in longer drives with maximum carry. This shaft is a perferct weight for both drivers and fairway woods.
  • Syntec NanoForce Nano Carbon: New, high performance shaft features Advanced Nano Resin System Technology and high strength carbon fibers. Nanotubes are infused into the epoxy resin system increasing the impact strength by 20%. The Nano reinforced resin also reduces vibration and promotes a great feel for straighter and longer shots.
  • Syntec Multi-Ply Multi-Layer Thin-Ply: High performance shaft made from thin ply, high strength carbon fibers. This shaft is hand crafted utilizing 16 layers at the butt and 8 layers at the tip section vs. just 5 layers of conventional shafts. This multitude of thin layers improves shaft hoop stiffness and maximizes the integrity of the shaft response during the downswing for more distance, feel and control.

Syntec X-Power Shafts
Quality, durable graphite-composite shaft. Responsive tip section designed for golfers to get the ball easily airborne. Very affordable price for recreational golfers on a budget.