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About Winn Golf Grips:
Founded in 1973 by Dr. Ben Huang, Winn began as a tennis ball manufacturer. An aerospace engineer by training, Dr. Huang had, in the 1960s, worked under Dr. Wernher Von Braun to develop the Saturn V rocket which eventually took Armstrong to the moon. But it took a frustrating week at golf camp to inspire Dr. Huang's shift from tennis accessory development to golf grip innovation. At the Golf Digest Academy in Silverado, California, professionals Jim Flick and Paul Ryan put Dr. Huang's golf game through the wringer. Throughout the rigorous training, Dr. Huang found himself struggling with his grip. "My rubber grips were so slippery and uncomfortable," he remembers, "that I had to overcompensate by squeezing my grips so hard that I was practically strangling them. Of course, the tension in my hands and arms made it impossible for me to make a smooth swing. I knew I could design a better grip-not just for me, but for all golfers.
Winn Grips provide superior shock absorption, excellent slip-resistance, and unparalleled feel. Winn Grips are constructed from advanced polymer materials – NOT RUBBER!  Winn is able to create different polymer compounds to suit any type of golfer.

Winn Grip Technology:
Winn Grip Construction: Winn Grips are constructed as a 2-piece grip. The underlisting (inner portion) is made of rubber or lightweight compressed foam material to create the shape and profile of each grip.
Hybrid Grip Technology: Hybrid grip technology merges multiple grip materials to achieve a unique and improved feel in each hand on the grip. With DuraTech, Winn created the first ever rubber/polymer hybrid grip. We combine the best attributes of rubber (durability & responsiveness) and polymer (comfort & tackiness) to develop the best feeling, highest performance grip ever constructed. The result is DuraTech -- a phenomenally durable, slip-resistant, all-weather performance hybrid.
Polymer Grip Materials: Provides tacky, non-slip performance in ALL weather conditions. Provides comfortable feel with exceptional shock absorption. Allows lighter grip pressure for a more consistent, tension-free swing. Comfortable, pain-free playability.
Grip Wrapping Techniques: Advanced Vertical Seam is Winn’s single-panel construction method. A sheet of our grip material encloses the underlisting lengthwise, resulting in a vertical seam that seals the grip on the backside. AVS grips have no overlap and therefore have a virtually seamless appearance and sleek profile. Spiral Wrap: Much like the old leather wrapped grips, the original and most popular Winn Grips are spiral-wrapped and contoured for ultimate tackiness and comfort.
Winn Lite Technology: Uses lightweight compressed foam (EVA) instead of heavier rubber to produce the underlying portion of the grip. Results in a 40-50% grip weight reduction (about 25 grams). Allows a lighter overall club weight for faster swing speed and more distance.

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New 2014 Winn Dri-Tac Navy Blue
Available in 3 sizes, these attractive navy offerings boast the same tacky WinnDry polymer as in all Dri-Tac™ grips. Combining a cushioned, comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all weather conditions, they are an ideal addition to the hottest line of grips in golf. Be sure to add them to your next order! New WinnDry polymer material combines a comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all-weather conditions. Soft, cushioned feel with exceptional shock absorption for comfortable playability.

New 2014 Winn X-Pro:  
Welcome to the new feel of putting. The new WinnPro X uses a less tapered profile than traditional designs to eliminate wrist movement during the stroke while still delivering that comfortable, tacky feel you've come to expect from Winn. WinnLite Technology is also utilized to minimize grip weight, enhance clubhead feel and provide stability during the putting stroke. Winn X-Pro is coming in three different diameters: 1.18", 1.32" and 1.60". Each size available in 4 different color combinations.

New 2014 Winn DuraTech Hybrid
The DuraTech hybrid grip is like no other Winn Grip before it, fusing two unique materials for superb feel, performance and durability. In the upper hand, Winn's durable and responsive Elastom ETX rubber compound provides long-lasting, non-slip control. The slightly softer and more comfortable WinnDry XT polymer provides a tacky yet responsive feel in the lower hand, encouraging lighter grip pressure and enhanced short game touch.