Midsize Grips


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1. How much bigger are midsize grips?
there is no industry standard about midsize grips. Midsize grips can be +1/32" or +1/16" larger than standard size grip
2. Who should use midsize grips?
Midsize grips are designed for players with hand measurements of 8 1/4 inches to 9 1/4 inches
3. What are the best midsize golf grips?
Your hands feel more comfortable when playing with a midsize grip. Midsize grips also help senior players and golfers with Arthritis. Popular midsize grips are Golf Pride Tour Wrap midsize and Golf Pride CP2 midsize grips.
4. When should you use midsize golf grips?
Some, not all, golfers may benefit from using a midsize grip. Using a midsize grip can reduce over active hands and offer straighter drives. It comes down to feel and the golfer. Try a midsize grip If a standard grip feels too small.
5. How many wraps of tape equals a midsize grip?
one extra layer of grip tape increases width of grip by 1/64". Three extra layers of grip tape will equal a midsize grip. Extra grip tape will increase the diameter of shaft butt end stretching the grip more and makes the grip thinner. It is not recommended for PU grips made by Winn. We recommend a real midsize grip instead of building up extra layers of tape